The Tree Resistance Advocacy Group (TRAG) is composed of U.S. academics and representatives of non-governmental organizations involved in research, policy and management of alien, invasive forest tree pathogens and insect pests (PIPs).  It is led by Pierluigi (Enrico) Bonello, Professor, The Ohio State University.

TRAG advocates for the recognition of tree resistance as an indispensable tool to combat invasive forest PIPs, and therefore for PIP management that incorporates selection, breeding and deployment of resistant trees in forest restoration programs. As part of our activities, we have produced a one page advocacy document proposing the establishment of the Centers for Forest Pest Control and Prevention (CFPCP), akin to the CDCs. We propose that the CFPCP are the best strategy to achieve  “end-to-end” management of alien invasive forest PIPs. This concept has been endorsed by a wide range of forest health professionals both nationally and internationally.




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