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Tree Resistance Advocacy Group

College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences


Current Signatories

Thank you to the following for supporting TRAG's mission:

  • Damian Adams, Associate Professor and Interim Associate Dean for Research, University of Florida

  • Matthew Ayres, Professor, Dartmouth College

  • Andrea Battisti, Professor, University of Padova, Italy

  • Louis Bernier, Professor, Laval University, Canada

  • Celia Boone, Provincial Forest Entomologist, Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry

  • Rosie Bradshaw, Professor, Massey University, New Zealand

  • Michelle Cleary, Associate Professor, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

  • Barry Cooke, Research Scientist, Natural Resources Canada

  • David Coyle, Assistant Professor, Clemson University

  • Nadir Erbilgin, Professor, University of Alberta, Canada

  • Jeff Garnas, Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire

  • Matt Ginzel, Associate Professor, Purdue University

  • Denita Hadziabdic Guerry, Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee

  • Tom Harrington, Professor, Iowa State University

  • Jessica Hartshorn, Assistant Professor, Clemson University

  • Dezene Huber, Professor, University of Northern British Columbia

  • Jiri Hulcr, Associate Professor, University of Florida

  • Thomas Kirisits, Professor, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

  • Nitin Kulkarni, Director, Institute of Forest Productivity, India

  • Gary Lovett, Senior Scientist, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

  • Michael McManus, Forest Entomologist, Retired, US Forest Service

  • Michael McWilliams, Forest Pathologist, US Forest Service

  • Richard D. Otis, Jr., President, Reduce Risks from Invasive Species Coalition

  • Bill Powell, Professor, State University of New York

  • Evan Preisser, Professor, University of Rhode Island

  • Kenneth Raffa, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • Eric Rebek, Professor, Oklahoma State University

  • Lynne Rieske-Kinney, Professor, University of Kentucky

  • David Rizzo, Professor, University of California, Davis

  • Luis Sampedro, Research Scientist, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Spain

  • Simon Shamoun, Research Scientist, Canadian Forest Service

  • Wayne Sinclair, Professor Emeritus, Cornell University

  • Diana Six, Professor, University of Montanas

  • Ben Smith, Research Scholar, North Carolina State University

  • Jane Stewart, Assistant Professor, Colorado State University

  • Detlev Vogler, Plant Pathologist, Retired, US Forest Service

  • Kimberly Wallin, Dean and Professor, College of Science and Mathematics, North Dakota State University

  • Kristen Waring, Professor, Northern Arizona University

  • Jared Westbrook, Director of Science, The American Chestnut Foundation

  • Geoff Williams, Ph.D. Candidate, Purdue University

  • Michael Wingfield, Professor, University of Pretoria, South Africa

  • Steve Woodward, Professor, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Endorsed by:

  • Forest Pathology Committee of the American Phytopathological Society

  • Institute of Forest Entomology, Forest Pathology and Forest Protection (IFFF), Department of Forest and Soil Sciences, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), Vienna, Austria